‘Round the Kitchen Table’ Cooking Courses - Traditional Tuscan Cooking


I love to use rolling pins. There’s something about it that makes me feel the child again and at the same time, very grown up.
Almost inevitably it’s one of the first things we put into the hands of children in the kitchen to roll biscuits. Then we grow up and equip our kitchens with time-saving gadgets including pasta making machines that have taken the work out of rolling and our cast-off rolling pins turn up in bucket loads in bric-a-brac sales.

My rolling pin pasta course is designed to put the ‘cool’ back into rolling with a rolling pin. We roll out a ‘sheet’ of traditional pasta – something that is impossible to do with a width-limiting machine, trying out pasta making with different types of flour and learn how to cut with a knife and other traditional still-used time-saving tricks.


What we cook is determined by who is around the kitchen table. It depends on how much time and passion is available, and on previous experience of preparing Tuscan dishes. We agree on a menu before making a commitment to the course. The menu is based on fresh seasonal ingredients.

For further information elizabeth.willmott@tin.it